Karen waters Photographic art & texture overlays


Artist Karen Waters is renowned for her distinctive photographic art and texture overlays. Her images uniquely blend the best of the lens with the best of an artist’s hand.  By layering textures over her photographs, she creates mood and a feeling of depth, evoking an emotional response she hopes will resonate with viewers.  Her dream-like images are not only popular with art collectors from around the world, but are also quite popular with people looking for decorative pieces that will add a touch of splendor to the walls of their home or business.

Karen shares her texture overlays and techniques with everyone; they have been especially popular with photographers, graphic artists, crafts people, web designers and countless others in an array of industries. 

If you would like to learn more about Karen's artwork, or if you would like to make an inquiry about a specific piece, please feel free to contact her today.

A look at one of the Santa Fe Society of Artists Fine Art Shows. My booth is straight ahead!

Click and drag your cursor on the image  and take a virtual tour of the show, including going inside each booth.