I understand that it can sometimes be difficult to visualize how a piece of art will look in your home or place of business, and you may hesitate to buy that perfect piece.  

Well, I've come up with a way to remove that uncertainty by giving you a virtual presentation of how my art will look and feel in your own environment. A sort of try before you buy scenario and at no cost to you, whether you purchase the artwork or not.

All you do is email me a photo of your wall, and I'll return the photo with a scaled-to-size image of my art on your wall!

It's easy... just follow these 3 simple steps:



No fancy camera required...a smartphone image will do!  Whatever kind of camera, follow the tips below to create the best backdrop for me to work with.





Stand directly in front of the wall and take the shot straight on. My software overlays the images in 2D, so photos that are taken at an angle to the wall will not look as realistic as those taken straight on.



Step back as much as you can to get more of the room details in the image. This imparts a sense of scale to the design software which helps you pick the perfect size for your space. If your camera does not have a wide angle lens, your cell phone may actually be preferable. Try both and see which includes the most in the frame.




Though I can work with any photo, an image with as much natural light as possible will look the most realistic. Try to take your photo at a time of day when the room has the most natural light and avoid flash unless absolutely necessary.


In order to calibrate your room image, I need to know the exact width of any one object in the room that is against the wall. This could be the width of your couch, fireplace, table or art on the wall...as long as it's up against the wall, it will work. It can even be the height of the ceiling, as long as the full height of the wall is displayed in the photo.


Jot down your measurement and send it along with your photo to :

Be sure to include:

~ The title of the piece of art you are interested in

~ If you'd like the artwork shown as Matted/Framed or on Metal/Canvas

I will respond to your email promptly and give you a time frame on your finished image.


Now... let's hang some art!