Short and Sweet

My outdoor shows are over for the next six months and this is my time to create new work. Translated, that means I need to make room!

I have inventoried  E V E R Y T H I N G   that is sitting in my studio and posted it in my online store. I even polished the website so it's all bright and shiny.  ;)

40% off is probably the biggest sale I've ever offered, but hey... I'm on to new adventures in texture and there's no time like the present to release the old and move forward, right? Right!

So, there it is...short and sweet. And, how sweet it is! If it's art you seek, click here.  If it's textures you're after, then click here. Enter the code INSTOCK40 during checkout and you're good to go.


Sale ends November 15th or when it's all gone, whichever comes first!