"What Exactly is a Textured Photograph?"

This is the biggest question I hear at shows. Simply put, they are photographs with textured images digitally blended in with them. 

I create the textures by taking photographs of textured objects, such as tree bark, rocks, cracked concrete, and the like.  I then blend several of those images together so they are not identifiable.  I follow up by removing unwanted or distracting elements before I feel each texture is ready to be used over a photograph. I may layer multiple textures over a photo before I feel the piece is complete. 

For those of you interested in learning my process in more detail, you can see my Basic 5-step Texture Tutorial here.

Photo Credit: Carolyn D'Alessandro

Photo Credit: Carolyn D'Alessandro




At the age of 3, I began spending most weekends camping with my family.  Because my father was a photography enthusiast, I was soon given my first camera to capture the experience.  And so, it began. 

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I was brought up to believe I could do anything, which I of course interpreted to mean 'many things'. 

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Over the years my endeavors have included mortgage banking (I don't know what I was thinking), to professional animal communicator (I knew what everyone was thinking), to my current endeavor as an artist (thinking not recommended) and everything in between.

I suppose spending so much time outdoors explains why I have always had a fascination with the natural world and the tranquility that comes from simply stepping into it. Seeing the truth and beauty for what it is, which is nature just 'being' and doing what it does, and having the ability to share it as it shows itself to me, is a privilege I am truly grateful for.

My work is composed of textures that I have created from photos of textured objects, and then blending those textures as well as other elements into my subject image, and using them as a visual aid to further express the emotional depth of that moment. I then put these images out into the world to be interpreted and experienced. In the big picture, my wish is to promote peaceful-beingness through artful means, but right here and now... I just want you to feel that with me.



A look at one of the Santa Fe Society of Artists Fine Art Shows. My booth is straight ahead!  (October, 2013.)

Click and drag your cursor on the image  and take a virtual tour of the show, including going inside each booth.